It is our sacred duty to protect the children 

We tend to claim absolute truth based on our limited, subjective experience and tend not to question authority, but do you ever get the feeling you are being lied to? And, if so, how would you know? especially, when you discover that: 

*Eighty-five percent of the world population is motivated by Greed, Hate, Pride, and other self-catered goals.  

In his book  *'The Map of Consciousness Explained' Dr David R. Hawkins, author, clinician, physician, scientist, and a pioneering researcher, reveals:

   It is a major error to assume that others share the same values and integrity.

The problem today is can people accept another reality exists that cannot be 'falsified' or proven wrong?

Well, you might start by checking out uncensored and independent news that you will not find in the mainstream media... 

Something for you to consider - Truth, Lies or Trickery? That'll be for you to decide

Where there is darkness - let there be LIGHT!

The Heart knows the Truth the Soul keeps the Score

Where the focus goes, the energy flows...

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