A supportive culture involves a complex mixture of behaviour, attitudes and beliefs, together with a set of ROBUST business policies. 

Why projects tend to fail, run over budget or get stopped

What you see and hear in any situation does not necessarily reflect the real attitudes people may actually have. Change initiatives tend to fail to deliver on-time, go over budget, or get stopped because the right people are not fully engaged.  People may feel uncertain what to do, where and when to fully participate, or simply believe its someone else’s responsibility.

To quote George Bernard Shaw: 

 "The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished. Just because a message has been sent, it doesn't mean that it has been received. The output measure for the communications process should be a shared understanding among employees. “

If you are the person responsible for managing the change there are a number of other key  things you will need to consider  putting into action to encourage positive outcomes and a shared change purpose aligned to your company’s vision, goals and objectives, whilst ensuring your employees are kept engaged, encouraged and deliver their best. 

Change Management integrates the necessary behaviour, skills, commitment and alignment to ensure a successful outcome which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance.

Discover invaluable tools and 'know-how' that will help improve your company’s ability to: inspire, innovate, communicate and manage change successfully in a less-stressful way, by making the right connections and learning what works.



  • Recognise the different employee reactions during times of change 
  • Pass on experience, acquired methodologies and tools and techniques that are; tried, tested, and work
  • Help senior executives and managers play an active leadership role that encourages people to support the change
  • Identify the customer and employee satisfaction risks and linkages (Key performance indicators) of change
  • Help managers identify the associated health and wellness issues to reduce absence before the symptoms arise 
  • Work with leaders, managers and employees to Engage-Change-Deliver projects and programmes on-time and budget




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