We are being misled by deliberate deceit and trickery

Lawyers are working behind the scenes and warns those in positions of responsibility to speak out or be held accountable in a second Nuremburg trial. In the meantime - know your God given rights in order to uphold them. Check out the 'Sovereign Project'  #196 - Peter Stone (See MarkDevlin Podcast below) - Everyone needs to know this!!!!!

Truth - Lies and trickery - Everyone needs to know this!

Unfortunately, there are those for whom anxiety and fear provide disingenuous lucrative livelihoods

There are those we thought we could trust that are concealing truths and duping the masses using underhand contracts, mandates, service agreements and all manner of what we 'thought' legal and lawful to entrap us into giving away our personal sovereignty - our God-given freedoms and power.

Do you know the difference between *law vs policy? 


Check out the Sovereign Project Podcast #196 - Everyone needs to know this!

“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the*law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice.” –  Robert F. Kennedy. Jr.

  Leaders are changing laws every day that will affect all our lives and liberties for years to come - sacrificed on the altar of those who profit and serve only themselves 

Millions are losing their jobs and independent livelihood and forced into debt, notwithstanding, the increase in mental health issues, suicides, depression, and operations cancelled, routine follow-ups postponed, has added massive numbers to the fatality list, and based on the 'R' result. Whatever happened to debate? Real science invites debate and criticism. However, the opposition parties appear to be on the same side - and dissenting voices silenced. 
Four questions that everyone must ask –
  1. Has censorship EVER in all history been practiced by the righteous and honourable?
  2. Has censorship EVER NOT been about hiding the truth and facts?
  3. Has Tyrannical control of the people EVER been done for the good of the people?
  4. Has coerced or forced medical experimentation EVER been done by those who are NOT-PURE-EVIL 

Two weeks to flatten the curve… To your papers please – Everyone better wake-up to the tyrannical hell that is moving in upon us – AND FAST! (*Author credited: - Ghwkphd (comments section) @ Dark Horse podcast Q&A session #82 - YouTube) 

The Battle between good and Evil

'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.' Edmund Burke 

How to control the masses: 

Create Fear. Isolate. Replicate. Create Fear. Isolate. Replicate. Create Fear. Isolate. Replicate.


Explore the most dangerous of all - Mass psychosis and how it starts, and what are the stages?

Only publish information that promotes your agenda. Ensure you control mainstream media channels and websites (a handful of people actually do.) Keep on broadcasting fear propaganda, i.e. traumatic events and data. Censor anyone who challenges the narrative. Callout seekers of truth 'conspiracy theorists. Shutdown any proper debate if it doesn’t fit with your agenda. Keep people isolated, Muzzle - stop chat.  Set up foot soldiers to breakup gatherings. Fine people. Accuse people of spreading dangerous misinformation. Destroy happiness, livelihoods, business and families seeking to come together and celebrate, work and congregate, or enjoy each other’s company. Above all - keep people ignorant, so they dont SEE or HEAR the TRUTH  if they do use the 'Fake news' label. 

Are We Being Misled By Design?

This is to all those people who work together in the common cause for the total enslavement of humanity that know what is really happening but choose to look the other way and do nothing, or, support the official versions of Mainstream Everything, albeit they know the 'truth.' 

Pillars of Society: 

Scientists. Professors. Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers, Military, Police, Foot soldiers for tyranny (Police), Media Owners, Journalists, Radio, Television Hosts, Actors, Entertainers, Doctors, Teachers, College Academics, Social Workers, and the like, who are working together in the common cause for the total enslavement of humanityWe will remember YOU!

David Icke is a professional Conspiracy Theorist  - A term used to discredit those who have seen through the bull***t!



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