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Change can cause real problems personally and also when faced with resistance. The key to success is to become more self-aware and involve people, i.e. engage, so they have a hand in creating the change, as the uninvolved tend to resist. 

Discover new strategies, communication tools and techniques that will help you and your organisation  encourage positive outcomes and a shared change purpose aligned to your company’s vision, goals and objectives, whilst ensuring your employees are kept engaged, encouraged and deliver their best. 

CHANGE - Training and Education:

  • Acquaint yourself with tried and tested Change Management tools and techniques before you take decisions. 
  • Design interventions that generate practical well-formed outcomes (Personal/Organisation). 
  • Identify project stages and activities where high levels of involvement are required so that commitment is built.
  • Learn advanced communications skills (Business/Personal) - to ensure your message lands effectively. 
  • Master what's going on inside (Stress Management/Well-Being) and how to recognise intervene and change state.

DELIVER - Implementing all aspects of the change

Some people are able to thrive on change that would make another person ill. In 2017, 13.4 million days were attributed to stress, anxiety or depression and1 in 5 people signed off for mental health problems were off work for at least three months. 

See NEWS if you are responsible for reducing absence in your company or department.

Coaching Tools 

A supportive culture involves a complex mixture of behaviour, attitudes and beliefs, together with business policies and the way that they are implemented. Helping people to support the personal need for change, and to understand the part they play in creating the project vision can make a huge difference. Discover how and what to do to help your employees become more accepting.

Mind how you go 


Me Two U, help senior executives and managers play an active leadership role that ensures people support change. 


Me Two U provides your managers and teams with a systematic approach to energize, engage and motivate while working on genuine business problems or opportunities that are important to you and your organisation.





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