"Denise is a fantastic person who is resourceful, tenacious and extremely capable. A very experienced business change manager, Denise drives results and improves performance 'with' people, as opposed 'to' people. She is a pleasure to work alongside and her experience and passionate approach to life allow her to ensure that individuals and companies alike achieve their true potential. Denise thrives on making things happen and if you are looking for somebody to help you get to where you want, or need, to be or you just want somebody to help you define where you could get to, I would recommend that you talk to this lady. Denise will help you achieve a successful outcome." Programme Manager

" Denise worked well with the team in a changing organisational environment & delivered a Product Strategy from nothing through efficient use of my time." 

Head of New Product Development

"Denise is a resourceful, dynamic and tenacious change manager - a real go-getter. With substantial previous experience of project management, Denise joined the team to develop her soft change skills and became a highly skilled and effective practitioner. Together we delivered amazing results for the business unit in both the way that the change portfolio was managed and also the whole way that the organization engaged with its employees around change. She will be an asset to any change team that she joins. Head of Business Transformation

"Denise was a knowledgeable and tenacious manager who planned out and completed a number of complex and technical Point Of Sale (POS) product development projects when we worked together (e.g. developing a mobile terminal solution and productisation of a retailer owned payment system). She was a pleasure to work with and managed her project stakeholders well."

Marketing & Business Development Manager

“Denise has a firm understanding of the inner workings of both organizations and teams. She knows that a company is empowered by empowering their employees. She is passionate about bringing out the best in teams by releasing individuals’ potential. She is a “people” person who wisely knows when a team and individuals are ready to move to the next level. This insight allows her to know where her coaching and facilitating skills are best spent. She is skilled in, and committed to, bringing out the best in people.” Michael Grinder & Associates   www.michaelgrinder.com/group-dynamics-training/

Denise was key to helping our business unit (Barclays Merchant Services) achieve the highest Employee Opinion Survey results in the entire Barclays group. Business Transformation Manager 


Denise Gerrard, founder of MeTwoU, developed her people skills and approaches during her career at a top 100 FTSE company, where she was actively developing, launching, managing and supporting new products and services from the design stage through to live implementation.

MeTwoU, is committed to helping individuals and businesses reach their strategic objectives by imparting tried and tested methods to deliver results. 

'People have lots to offer if you give them the right environment and belief in themselves.'


*Strategy Development *Change Management *Process Improvement *Employee Engagement* Leadership Coaching - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Dynamics, Non-Verbal Communication *Business Transformation *Team Building.





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