Michael Grinder is the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting and the world's foremost leading expert in non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, presentations and relationships. 


Denise Gerrard was a participant in our nine-month ‘Group Mastery’ training program. This program focused on developing and using non-verbal communication skills and understanding group dynamics.  I was so impressed with Denise’s abilities I asked her if I could write this letter of recommendation.

Denise’s observational skills are outstanding. She is adept at discerning when a team is dysfunctional and what style of leadership is required to bring the team together; she can identify the roles that each team member plays and if the team is missing key functions and how to foster the required roles. 

Michael Grinder, President Michael Grinder & Associates

Michael’s brother, Dr John Grinder, was one of the co-founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The Essential Basics

Employees who trust the information shared by their managers are more willing to be led by them through periods of change. When you are responsible for sending the message you may wish to know the tools of the trade and read what information is landing effectively. If you know how to read the signals, know when to change tack and look and sound credible then people are more likely to do business or be led by you. 

To quote George Bernard Shaw: 

 "The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished. Just because a message has been sent, it doesn't mean that it has been received. The output measure for the communications process should be a shared understanding among employees.

The more the leaders have credible voice patterns, the more the group is issue-oriented, values accountability, and demands high productivity - (a cat culture).  

The more the leaders have approachable voice patterns, the more the group is people-oriented, values acceptability, and seeks high morale - (a dog culture). 

Visit Change Leadership -The Essential Basics Workshop for more information.

Voice Patterns, how we breath, where we look, our body posture, are all associated with a persons inner thoughts and may not reflect the outward calm. What non verbal leaking shows us is a basic inner-outer conflict with thought and actions mismatching at a moment of tension. A split is being forced between the inner thoughts and the struggle to appear calm. 


Understanding and learning about non-verbal communication will give you that undeniable edge.  

  • Learn how to pick up signals that you otherwise might miss
  • Fine tune and adjust your non-verbal behaviours to become more credible and influential.
  • Discover why men come across as more credible than women and women comes across as more approachable - know and learn the difference.

Certified Practitioner

Personally trained by Michael Grinder: Group Dynamics and Advanced Non-Verbal Communication Skills - aka the ROOF model. 

  • Group Dynamics 
  • Advanced Non-Verbal Communication (reading and sending information) 




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