My name is Denise Gerrard, and I have extensive experience in the design and delivery of a series initiatives involving major strategic investments from the concept and design stage, through to live implementation and delivery, encompassing: customer, colleague and company investments - circa £50k > £60M.  Continued...

The work I do

Today, I'm freelance coach, trainer and educator, supporting individuals and businesses to operate at their best by imparting tools and techniques I've tried and tested and helping people understand the Mind-Body-Emotion connection - The key to a less stressful way of being. 


Change Management - Change Agent Tactics & Train the Trainer. Group Leadership Dynamics, Advanced Non-Verbal Communication, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Stress-less Educator (Energy Therapist - Mind.Body.Spirit).

Tools and Techniques you can go out and use straight away! 

If your interested to know more, please get in-touch.

Tapping into the authentic inner you

When you are you own person, nothing and no one can bother, upset or influence you. Dramas and fears become insignificant as you accept all aspects of yourself, you feel more centred and confident and in control. The first step is to understand who we THINK we are and learn how to dissolve the associated mental links, behavioural responses and habits by taking back control and courage to be the authentic self. 

Health and Wellness

The work I do is to help educate how we organise our thinking, feeling, skills and behaviour, enabling you to take more control over your life.  Once you are able to recognise the emotional signals and consequently your behaviour - why you do what you do, you will become more perceptive, objective and in control of your own wellbeing and happiness by ridding yourself of old destructive patterns of behaviour that no longer work for you.





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