Metwou help senior executives and managers play an active leadership role that ensures people support the change by creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration: 

Hard Systems:

  • Strategy Development, Business Planning, Change Initiatives, Lessons learnt: 
  • Design interventions - to generate practical well-formed outcomes (personal/organisation) 
  • Develop advanced communications skills (business/personal) - to ensure your message lands effectively 

Implementing all aspects of the change to ensure your employees are engaged and encouraged to deliver at their best, whilst recognising the differences in reactions to it. Change Management, NLP and Communication skills are just some of the invaluable tools that will increase the ability to: inspire, innovate, communicate and supercharge your company's business skills and abilities to manage change successfully.


A creative and commercially focused specialist with over 20 years’ experience and proven track record of delivering results and returns on investments (ROI) for a major FTSE 100 organisation. Change achievements; employee engagement, strategy development, new product development, project management, change management, product management, business transformation, continuous process improvement, change training, coaching and facilitation.

Soft Systems: The Mind-Body Connection and the Appliance of Science

I’ve spent the last ten years studying, researching, attending and practicing various teachings and discovered more about the amazing power the mind has over the body. My mission is help educate others to help themselves tap into the new techniques, methodologies, ancient wisdom and revolutionary technology to see for themselves, how they can relieve stress and anxiety and experiences a less-stressful way of life. See Wellbeing for more information.






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