Change within a business organization can cause real problems, especially if you face resistance from some employees. Discover new strategies that will help to encourage positive outcomes and a shared change purpose aligned to your company’s goals and objectives, ensuring your employees are engaged and encouraged to deliver at their best, whilst recognizing the differences in reactions to it.

Benefits Delivery: 

Support is available to help with training and education: 

  • Design interventions - to generate practical well-formed outcomes (personal/organisation) 
  • Develop advanced communications skills (business/personal)
  • Master what's going on inside (Stress Management/Well-Being)
  • Design interventions to generate practical well-formed outcomes before programmes, projects or people run into problems.
  • Improve the chances of a successful programme/project delivery and realisation of benefits.


A creative and commercially focused specialist with over twenty years’ experience within a leading financial institution, successfully implementing customer, colleague and business led initiatives from the strategic design stage through to live implementation - circa £50k > £60M, supporting programme and project deliverables.


People Change Implementation - Train the Trainer, Change Agent Tactics Practitioner, Group Leadership Dynamics, Advanced Non-Verbal Communication, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Wellness (Energy Therapist).  

For more information - check out my background on LinkedIn below.


Strategy Development, Business Planning, Training and Education



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