Me Two U provides your managers and teams with a systematic approach to energize, engage and motivate while working on genuine business problems or opportunities that are important to you and your organisation.


Turning the dial in performance:

  • Develop advanced communications skills (business/personal) 
  • Master what's going on inside (Stress Management/Well-Being) for your employees (or you maybe?) 
  • Design interventions to generate practical well-formed outcomes before programmes, projects or people run into problems 
  • Improve the chances of a successful programme/project delivery and realisation of benefits 
  • Reduce costs and increase value
  • Share and help embed best practice

The Process and how it works:

  • Company identifies the problem or opportunity to work on.
  • MeTwoU meet to discuss requirements and agree terms
  • Run the event
  • Produce output and de-brief





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