The mind will grow and develop anything we plant, so its important not to sow OR water the weeds

Today, one in six adults in the UK takes anti-depressants as a result of stress. Anxiety and worry affects our physical and emotional wellbeing, energy balance and general health. 

Just like weeds, if you water some or all of them regularly they will grow big and strong and block out all of the light. Light is what we need to keep us healthy - like flowers, without enough light - we will wilt and struggle to remain resilient, if we don't take action to address the cause(s) before the symptoms arise, spread like weeds, and take over our lives.

We think about ourselves as rational, but we can't do anything without involving our emotions. We all experience stress, but if persistent - anxiety and worry can have a significant knock-on effect on our health. 

Research Identified (2017 refers)

  • 13.4 million days were attributed to stress, anxiety or depression.
  • 1 in 3 three "sick notes" handed out by GPs are for mental health problems.
  • 1 in 5 people signed off for mental health problems were off for at least three months.
  • Around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year.

Why we do what we do

Our emotional drivers are 'sub-conscious' (under the surface) and operate below our conscious level of awareness; shapes our personality, behaviour patterns, and our approach to life. They can empower or disempower us depending on the situation we find ourselves in, (our life experiences, values and beliefs kick-in), and when we feel uncomfortable, we become anxious, and when we are anxious and stressed our bodily resources take control - referred to as 'fight' or 'flight.’

Anxiety and negative self-talk

For example, your mind remembers a negative past experience (see Milton Eriksons life stages) like that time in school when you had to stand in class and recite or show-up for that event you messed-up. The embarrassment was unbearable. Your subconscious buried the episode. However, if something feels, looks, or sounds familiar to that fear we once felt, our body reacts just like it did back then-automatically and sets up a physical chain reaction.

Think about this for a second, do you recall every single gear change on your way to work today? Just like driving a car, our sub-conscious is in the driving seat.

Our sub-conscious triggers - sweaty palms, palpations etc., when it starts to remember a similar event it would rather avoid. You don’t recall why you feel the fear, but your emotions do and trigger the sensations in your body. 

So, when you feel you’re asked to do something that feels similar, like present to a crowded room. Those shameful (you created the emotion back in time) triggers are the reminder “'hey - now we don't want to go do that again do we?” Get the picture?

Neuroscience research demonstrates that although we like to think that we are in charge of our actions and our thoughts, the reality is that a large amount of our actual behaviours, actions and perceptions of the world around us are carried out automatically by the unconscious brain.

Our Value and Belief system

Our values and belief system plays a major part of who we become and our upbringing is greatly influenced by our parents, teachers, governments, differences in culture, etc., so there are no completely objective appraisals of anything, as our appraisal has to do with our 'value' and 'belief' systems and life experiences.

“”Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny. A man is but the product of his thoughts.

What he thinks, he becomes.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

We think about ourselves as rational, but we can't do anything without involving our emotions. Most people experience stress and highs and lows in life, but if persistent - anxiety and worry can have a significant knock-on effect on our health. 

Are you aware of your emotional triggers that supersede the mental and physical problems you experience? Conversely, we can get help to re-programme the emotional event, so next time we face a similar scenario we can have a different reaction. Without understanding, there can be no solution to our problems, or making life a little less stressful and more enjoyable.

Because of today's high-stress culture, the body's stress response is activated so often that it does not always have a chance to return to normal, resulting in a state of chronic stress and the accumulation of toxins (next up comes the symptoms and trip to the doctors).

The work I do is to help people understand the mind body connection - The key to their health, happiness, peace of mind and Wellbeing

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