Equipping you with what to expect, what to prepare and how to present yourself in a structured interview

Sometimes we need to change in order to grow or due to organisational changes, whatever the reason this probably means leaving your present employer. For some people an interview can be an exciting experience, for others it’s daunting. Perhaps it’s your very first interview or, it’s been years since your last, you’re unsure what to expect and it’s making you feel uncomfortable and nervous.

The key is to get ahead and stand out from the crowd. Working through this module will help to equip you with what to expect, what to prepare and how to present yourself in a structured interview. 

Whether this is your first interview or you’re experienced don’t be surprised if you feel you’re not quite ready.  It’s a natural thing to be and don't worry you’re not alone. No matter how unfit your feeling right now though, we’ll soon get you in shape to clear the hurdles ahead and get you across the finish line!

It’s going to require your effort and input on your part too yet you will soon discover that when you‘re well prepared you’ll feel more in control of the situation. And, if you feel you’re in control you’ll come across as confident, credible and employable. ”it’s the difference that makes the difference”.

On paper you are as good as all the other applicants. The interview is the deciding factor. Your application was good enough to make it beyond the bin. Sounds simple doesn't it?  Yet, most applicants who attend an interview are eliminated at this stage.

When you sent off your CV or application form or the covering letter, you presented yourself on paper. The fact that you now have this interview indicates that you marketed yourself really well – the skills and experience which you wrote of gave the company the  belief you could potentially work for them and that is a position of strength. Now the task is to market yourself successfully in person.

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