Type One

Reformers, principled, purposeful, self-controlled & perfectionistic

Dislike sloppiness and error, attracted to order and high standards for self and others.


Type Two

Mentors Caring, generous, people-pleasing & intrusive

Dislike solitude and impersonal dealings, attracted to service and making personal connections.


Type Three

Achievers Adaptable, self-developing, efficient & image-conscious

Dislike ineffectiveness and lack of ambition, attracted to success and recognition.


Type Four

Designers Intuitive, expressive, individualistic & temperamental 

Dislike uniformity and regulation, attracted to creativity and putting their personal mark on things.


Type Five

Investigators, perceptive, innovative, secretive & detached

Dislike intrusions on their time and space, attracted to depth and learning.


Type Six

Troubleshooters, committed, responsible, anxious & suspicious

Dislike unpredictability and rapid change, attracted to clear structures and foresight.


Type Seven

Enthusiasts Spontaneous, versatile, talkative & scattered

Dislike limitations and routines, attracted to new possibilities and excitement.


Type Eight

Challengers, self-confident, decisive, willful & confrontational

Dislike indecisiveness and indirectness, attracted to strength and strategic action.


Type Nine

Peacemakers Calm, reassuring, agreeable & complacent

Dislike tension and conflict, attracted to harmony and stability


Note: clicking on the Type Indicator highlighted in blue, takes you directly to the Enneagram Institute (originator).

Although you may identify with many of the types shown, one in particular describes you.





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