Change initiatives tend to fail to deliver on-time, go over budget, or get stopped because the right people are not fully engaged.  People may feel uncertain what to do, where and when to fully participate, or simply believe its some one else’s responsibility. So if  you are the person responsible for managing the change there are a number of other key things you will need consider putting into action such as a 'Lessons Learnt' Workshop.

Lessons Learnt 

Step 1.

The Facilitator will summarise and document the 'Lessons Learnt'.

Step 2.

A meeting will be scheduled between the facilitator and a number of key programme personnel to discuss the lessons learnt and recommend /captured actions and any required next steps.

Top Tips for a Successful Delivery/Implementation Going Forward...

  • The business areas must understand why the change is being made and what their role will be in making it a success by sharing the vision and helping people to understand and buy into a vision for the change.
  • Link employees performance objectives with corporate objectives to increase employee awareness and their contribution to the company's goals
  • Facilitating workshops and change events - working with groups of people to prepare them for change.
  • Coaching and helping people to support the personal need for change, and to understand the part they play in creating the project vision.
  • Display a high level visual view of the plan ‘end to end’ and secondary view by impacted department (people want to know how they are impacted and are not as interested in other areas) make it pertinent to them.

CHANGE - What, Where, Why, When 





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