Lessons Learnt

Ok, so it, the project, didn't quite go to plan - so what happened - Where, When and Why? This is where an external and unbiased facilitator can help find out and put actions in place to avoid making the same mistakes/decisions on future programmes/projects/releases

Proposed 'Lesson Learnt' Workshop Outline

  • A generic construct and content (this can be adapted for each client) 
  • Share knowledge (as outlined in the workshop objectives).
  • The core focus will be to discuss  and capture things that didn’t so go well  and  could have been done better in order to meet the ‘Lessons Leant’ objectives for the Project or Programme. 
  • Following the output from the sessions, it is proposed that a meeting will be scheduled between the facilitator and a number of key programme personnel to discuss the ‘Lessons Learnt’ and recommend/capture actions and any required next steps. 

Role of the Facilitator is to:

  • Provide a process and reliable method for working through the problem or decision in question.
  • To get people to collaborate and to get them in the right frame of mind to work together productively.
  • To maintain a degree of challenge and ensure opinions, conclusions and decisions are given the right level of scrutiny before they're  accepted.
  • To have some initial ideas and kick-start the process when there's a shortage of inspiration, or when things to start to stutter and stall
  • Ensure the group remains on track, that time is used effectively, and the discussion remains focused.
  • Summarise and document the 'Lessons learnt'. 
  • Scheduled a meeting and recommend solutions for the captured actions and propose next steps.
  • Note: Lessons learnt contain specific, realistic and practical pieces of advice that concludes with recommended positive actions and is free from references to any individual.

Post Project Review (PPR) 

Metwou  works closely with the project management function by collecting and assessing change data - from individuals and groups regarding their understanding, perceptions and feelings about the change:

  • To put actions in place to avoid making the same mistakes / decisions on future programmes/projects/releases; 
  • To improve  the chances of successful project delivery and realisation of benefits by adopting proven and good practices
  • To contribute to organisational growth and maturity in project and programme delivery by embedding good practices .

Metwou support Project Sponsors, Heads of, Programme, Project Managers and Project Boards across the organisation or, department, depending on your doing business needs. If your Programme is already underway consider risk assessment checks at project Gateways to ensure compliance/ governance/quality and fit.

Change Workshops to embed 'best practice' in your organisation 

The workshops are a practical hands-on approach that uses the participants change projects as a vehicle for learning and deployed through a results based ‘learn by doing’ approach to embed best practice in your organisation.





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