The Myres Briggs type indicator is the most widely accepted personaility 'test' in the world.  Knowing your work style and that of your co-workers helps understand what motivates yourself and others.  

My Myers Briggs Profile

Rating 71%

For ENFJ the most important preferences are Extraverted Feeling. Your 'dominant function' is Feeling, oriented towards the outer world. This means you focus on building harmony in the world around you. You like to build rapport with people and create a positive atmosphere. You look after people's welfare. You naturally want to motivate others and make sure they are happy in each situation. You value other people's contributions, seek to develop the role that others play, and invest a lot of effort in building positive relationships. You try to overcome differences of opinion and find ways in which people can agree.

Rating 71%

For INFP, however, the most important preferences are Introverted Feeling. Your 'dominant function' is Feeling, oriented towards the inner world. This means you give importance to particular thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. You are value driven, and you often bring a sense of priority that is derived from your strong convictions. You seize upon and emphasise ideas or thoughts that have the greatest import, bringing them to the fore and stressing their significance. You assess the inherent value or importance of new ideas and beliefs, focusing on those about which you feel most strongly.

You may have noticed my profile is showing 71% for both personality types (unusual) and I believe I tend to flip to one or the other style as and when required, which probably explains * Michael's Grinder's ( the world’s foremost expert in the area of Non-verbal communication, Group Dynamics and Relationships) comments to me once: 

" You have the inside of a cat and the selective shyness of a external social dog". 


The key to a more impactful performance is knowing how and when to use these qualities and we all have access to both sets. Read more about how to ENGAGE your employees and learn when to be credible and when to be approachable to ensure maximum influence, together with a better understanding of why you do what you do see NLP-Coaching Tools.

Today, I utilise the Enneagram personality types (in conjuction with other methods) for use in self-discovery and personal growth that provides a rich soup of the human psychological profiling, incorporating thousands of years of wisdom and a route to self-awareness and health. 

The Mind and body connection

Stress can manifest without our complete awareness creating; fears, phobias, anxiety and worry that affects our physical and emotional wellbeing, energy balance and, general health.  

Continual mental and physical discomfort is the body’s way of telling you that an area or emotional issue needs attention

When you discover your personality type and become more self-aware of what motivates or demotivates (move towards or away from ) it will help explain why you may have difficulty in certain situations, how to spot, intervene and, see yourself and situation from another perspective, leading to a healthier you.





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