What’s going on, why are we turning into a society of pill poppers?

New NHS figures released on 29th March 2019, reveal 70 million prescriptions have been prescribed for anxiety and depression (doubled in 10 years). 

Maybe if we understand a bit more about what's going on with us we can take back control of our health and wellness. It is much easier to release negative thinking patterns when we are healthy and change outdated beliefs about ourselves that no longer serve our needs and control our thoughts before our body controls us - the emotional, physical and biological aspects of ourselves.

Emotional, cognitive, physiological and behavioural

Emotions carry messages and serve a purpose - channelling your emotions allows you handle your emotions yourself by understanding the mind-body thoughts and sensations, together with what flicks our ‘switches’ and presses our ‘hot’ buttons.

Some people are able to thrive on change that would make another person ill. In 2017, 13.4 million days were attributed to stress, anxiety or depression and 1 in 5 people signed off for mental health problems were off work for at least three months. 

Me Two U, in conjunction with Orassy Health and Self-development Solutions, are looking for sites for the revolutionary scientifically proven system that identifies measures and highlights the emotional and physical stress markers present in the body utilising a portable device. Interested to know more? CONTACT to discuss.

Wellbeing and Restoring Harmony Workshops 

Learn how continual mental and physical discomfort is the body’s way of telling you that an area or emotional issue needs attention. 

The auto immune system

When stressed, our brains receives messages from our senses, causing the pituitary and hypothalamus glands to release hormones around our body to prepare it for "fight or flight" The bodies auto immune system (defence system) operates subconsciously releasing anti bodies to help fight off the invaders viruses and bacteria. 

We have many externally induced social emotions that trigger the fight-or-flight response resulting in physiological feelings in your body. Because the body is diverting resources for immediate survival the immune system can become depressed which means we are less able to fight off infections and exacerbate conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) asthma, etc. and are more likely to catch a cold.

Living and working in a negative environment can also impact on us in a negative way, our defence system becomes confused and the anti-bodies may start to attack our organs resulting in autoimmune dis-eases and system imbalances and may go on to trigger chronic conditions life altering conditions particularly if the stress is internalised.

Couple all of the above with the stress of modern life - the list is endless. Over time, if left un-checked, our body starts to keep the foot on the pedal, go faster, change into fifth gear and run on adrenalin and other hormones such as cortisol. Not good if you're only just washing dishes! Sound familiar?

Because of today's high-stress culture, the body's stress response is activated so often that it does not always have a chance to return to normal, resulting in a state of chronic stress and the accumulation of toxins, next up comes the symptoms and trip to the doctors if we don't take back control and learn how to become more at peace with ourselves.

Orassy's highly qualified Integrative Health team offers individual health screening combined with the most advanced biomedical technology

The road to transformation:

We are discovering new and better ways that will help people understand that they hold the key to their health, happiness and overall wellbeing to help bring about and restore balance, harmony and peace of mind. Using the latest technology, that can identify the three key markers people display when suffering anxiety and stress, hopefully in-time before the mental or physical symptoms present themselves fully. 






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