Behavioural Change

16/04/2019 11:28

How you think, choose, decide about any situation determines how you FEEL, and your FEELINGS determine your BEHAVIOUR. Change the way you act and you change the way you are - where goals, thoughts and behaviours are all in agreement and unified creating internal harmony and the absence of conflict.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used widely in business, and has found its way discretely into many courses on sales, presentations, planning, and team building, often without being mentioned by name. It is a system that comes from reproducing techniques that work and in evidence in highly effective people, by bringing about a higher level of self-awareness, confidence and emotional maturity and the whole person or organisation benefits.

What. Where. Why and When

You can use NLP as springboard and toolkit to uncover and act with more of your full potential and discover the benefits that have made it so popular with tens of thousands of people across the world who are using NLP in their personal and working lives.


NLP began about 50 years ago in California by two men called Richard Bandler and John Grinder. While studying at University, they became interested to know:

  • What is the difference between those people who consistently perform and achieve maximum results out of their behaviour and communication? 
  • What are the differences that make a difference, what is it they do specifically, that creates those kinds of results?

A man called Gregory Bateman, a philosopher, sent them out into the world to study a man who was a puzzle. His name was Dr Milton Erikson, and he was a medical hypnotherapist. Erickson was a crippled, little old man, because he had had polio as a young man and he could only see the colour purple. And so there’s Dr Erikson, who sits around in a wheelchair wearing purple pyjamas, and tells people stories, and they change.

Bandler and Grindler sat in front of Dr Erikson for a long, long, time and just watched and listened, until they were able to put their observations to the test. They studied excellent communicators in many fields, they studied sales people, managers, educator’s, people who were able to persuade. The founders of NLP, Bandler and Grinder, did what highly successful people did, until they could get the same results following the same patterns of communication and modelled behaviour. And that is what we call NLP today.



Introduction to the basic principles of NLP

Discover the real you and learn why you and others do what they do, which on the face of it seems odd and irrational. Once you get underneath and uncover the emotional drivers prompting the behaviour you can do something about it, if you are willing to change the way you think, feel, believe and act, starting with yourself.

Personal Development & Change

  • Develop quick and effective ways to create achievable goals, solve business or personal issues.
  • Gain insights into why we do what we do, and why some people get better results than others. 
  • Discover new skills and apply them straight away to yourself and with the people around you in the in the fields of: *Business & Sales *Learning & Teaching *Personal Development & Change. 

NLP coaching provides some of the most powerful life skills available today.

Workshops available by request (Certified NLP Practitoner)



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