Energy Vampires

15/11/2021 10:21

Everyone has free will, so it really depends on which part of yourself (your psyche) you choose to feed.  Energy vampires feed on human beings and they need them to do their bidding to help: divide, create division, misery, wars, sexual exploitation, child abuse and the likes, using mind-control, aggression, bullying lies, coercion, extortion, greed, misery, low self-esteem, desperation, and despair. They feed on "fear" and vulnerability Or, greed, ego, fame, and fortune of your own choosing. 

Removing the veils of illusion

Energy Vampires - feed off low vibration 

When others choose to acquiesce (free will remember), it attracts these beings on the same low frequency - it is their 'calling card'. It is who and what they are, and on what and where they choose to feed.


There are two very separate categories of spirits you may meet. One is a human spirit who is earthbound and the other is a nonhuman spirit. The latter entity can be demonic, and a dark force, but is seldom seen. 

Removing  the Veils of Illusion

Where the focus goes, the energy flows...

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