Energy Vampires; Harvesting and feeding off humanity in the shadows

12/03/2022 09:33

What's good for us is bad for them


Visual representation PDF 

JR-001R10 (2).pdf (484 kB) 

Author Jarad Rand



Propaganda, lies and manipulation keeps you in a state of "fear" and in a dark place

'Divide and conquer is the game, fear and desolation is the aim.' 

Practically everything you see and hear in the mainstream media is mostly "fear" based.    

The Law of Attraction

Energy vampires feed on human beings, they need (low vibrational energy beings) to do their bidding for them to: create division, misery, wars, sexual exploitation, child abuse and the likes, using mind-control, aggression, bullying lies, coercion, extortion, greed, misery, desperation, and despair. They feed on "fear" they want to enslave you through - greed, ego, fame, and fortune of your own choosing. 

When you surround yourself with negative energy your health deteriorates.
 When you surround yourself with positive energy you health improves.

Where the focus goes, the energy flows...

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