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16/04/2019 09:26

So what’s the difference that makes the difference?
  • The key to success is involving employees in planning so they have a hand in creating the change as they are more likely to support it. The uninvolved tend to resist.
  • Inspire and motivate them to share your vision and goals, as well as to provide relevant information, what it means to them, and to let them know what changes are happening and when.
  • If you are the person responsible for managing the change there are a number of other key  things you will need consider putting into action:
  • How you will implement is as much a success factor as WHAT you implement. 
  • Ensure people change support, migration approaches and the transition aspects are thought about as the programme is structured and delivered.
  • Capacity Planning: The plans and approach must be realistic. This means not just doable within the programme budget and resources (very important) but involves imposed change at a rate absorbable by the business areas.
  • Having a contingency allowance (budget and time) is a toll to manage reality not an expression of ‘bad’ or inaccurate estimating.
  • There needs to be a very clear decision making and one Programme Manager, empowered to make decisions within the agreed outcome. Too may decision groups lead to conflicting directions and divergence from the shared outcome.
  • Budget, resource and structure the programme to ensure that it works as one integrated ‘delivery engine’ – silos fragmented objectives, separate plans with no-cross dependencies all encourage diversion from the shared outcome.


Support is available to help:Training and education 
  • Help senior executives and managers play an active leadership role that ensures people support the change
  • Understand why  people in the organisation to see a real personal need for change, and to understand the project vision
  • Are able to identify project stages and activities where high levels of involvement are required – and facilitate this involvement so that commitment is built
  • Know how to deal with resistance to change 
  • Work with leaders and other employees to ensure the change is “biting” where it most needs to ensure  a successful outcome.






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