Wellbeing and Restoring Harmony

17/04/2019 16:58

We think about ourselves as rational, but we can’t do anything without involving our emotions


We like to think that we are in charge of our actions and our thoughts; the reality is that a large amount of our actual behaviours, actions and perceptions of the world around us are carried out automatically by the unconscious brain. Such is the power and effect of the mind that we can literally think ourselves into negative states, which overtime, may result in stress related illness, especially if we repeatedly have to do things outside of our control, against our values and beliefs, and comfort zone. Couple all of this with the stress of modern life - the list is endless. 

Left un-checked, overtime, our body starts to keep the foot on the pedal, go faster, change into fifth gear and run on adrenalin and other hormones such as cortisol. Not good if you're only just washing dishes! Sound familiar? Combiine the above these feelings with office politics, bullying and uncooperative colleagues, together with domestic stressors: financial problems, jealousy, unfaithfulness, illness, and separation (to name but a few) with the environmental and economic pressures and you soon get the picture.  

Moreover, most people don't realise they can become addicted to the adrenalin rush or negative mental thinking patterns, cravings and habits, while carrying on their normal routines and self-medicating, eventually prompting feelings of sadness and depression. 


Are we turning into a society of pill poppers?

Today's competitive environment means we tend to operate more from our mind and ignore the feelings which can lead to problems later on, unless we help ourselves create and regain more balance in our lives. 

New NHS figures released on the 29th March 2019, reveal 70 million prescriptions have been prescribed for anxiety and depression (doubled in 10 years). Today, we are discovering new and better ways that will help people understand that they hold the key to their health, happiness and overall wellbeing to help bring about and restore balance, harmony and peace of mind before the mental or physical symptoms present themselves. 

See The Six Stages of Illness for more information.

How you think, choose, decide about any situation determines how 

you FEEL, and your FEELINGS determine your BEHAVIOUR






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