Introduction to Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Workshop

How you THINK, CHOOSE, DECIDE about any situation, determines how you FEEL, and your FEELINGS determine your BEHAVIOUR. 

Discover new skills and techniques for quickly and effectively changing thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that get in your way and discover quick and effective ways to create achievable goals, solve business or personal issues. 
  • NLP is best understood and learned by experience and through practice. 
  • Step-by-step easy to follow exercises to help raise your conscious awareness and awaken your curiosity. 
  • Because NLP tools exist at the level of processes and communication skills they can literally be applied to any context. 

Becoming more confident, motivated and more powerful from within

The workshop will assist you in identifying buried resources and as a result you will learn how to have the best possible relationship with yourself allowing you to grow and develop a more fulfilling sense of purpose, direction and wholeness. 

This module is a taster session, so you will just be dipping your toe into the water to get a flavour of what it’s about. 

The training is relaxed and informal and very practical - it gives you the opportunity to actually experience the learning in a safe environment and your opportunity to gain insights into 'why-you-do -what-you -do' and better understanding as to why some people get better results than others. Discover how to adapt your behaviour and use your senses. 

Are you curious to know more about how NLP but don't want to sign-up for a course?  Why not try a taster session and together, we run through a set of exercises, tools and techniques you can go out and use straightaway. 

NLP helps you recognise your primary sensory bias-whether you are generally visual or auditory or kinesthetic, or favor a combination of those primary senses. Once you've determined your sensory bias, there are recommended techniques to broaden your experience of your other senses.

NLP also holds that all subjective experience has a sensory structure. Anything we do habitually follows a sequence of internal sensory steps called a strategy. Strategies are like recipes the unconscious mind uses to get outcomes. NLP can be taught, learned, and applied any area of your life.Read more: Change Coaching Tools and NLP background.





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