Enter the Dragons Den Non-Verbal Workshop

This workshop is relaxed, informal and very practical; it gives you the opportunity to observe the pitch from the Dragons perspective and interpret their non-verbal signals. 

The session incorporates Desmond Morris’s and Michael Grinder's lifetimes work - observations and insights into human behaviour witnessed over many decades:


  • Desmond’s work is the culmination of a career of watching animals and people – their behaviours and habits, their personalities and their quirks and how people consciously and unconsciously, signal their attitudes, desires and innermost feelings with their bodies and actions, often more powerfully than with their words.
  • Michael Grinder's, pioneering work in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting and the world's foremost leading expert in non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, presentations and relationships. 

The Essential Basics

If you know how to read the signals, know when to change tack and look and sound credible then people are more likely to do business with you. 

The information is very insightful, especially when pitching for business, presenting to a room of people and as a useful thermometer to gauge whether to change tact, shut up or move on and much more ... 

Setting the Scene

You are about to witness the effect the pitch has on the Dragons – observe closely, focusing on the Dragons upper body language - recognise and label. See how the pitch influences their decisions. 

You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression! 

Learning Outcome

You will discover non-verbal patterns of communication and uncover some of the secrets that our verbal and non-verbal behaviour and learn how to fine tune your senses and pick up important signals that you otherwise might miss.

Workshop Process:

  1. Company identifies the problem or development opportunity to work on (this can be of your choosing, i.e. coaching, mentoring, workshops, group sessions, talks etc.)
  2. Me Two U and client discuss objectives and agree terms of engagement
  3. Run the event (on or off site)
  4. Produce output and de-brief client




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