Follow this path...Process Improvement

Benefits for your Organisation

  • Improves knowledge creation and sharing
  • Identifies inconsistent service delivery
  • Identifies duplication/redundant actives
  • Identifies high cost activities – Time, Cost and Quality
  • Understand process flows, time cost and benefits of doing things better
  • How to increase speed to market and satisfy customer needs
  • Build Benefits realisation that adds value to maximise profit
  • Think outside the box

Session1 - Team Building

  • Delegates will learn to rely on each other to organise the work of the team and make full use of each other’s distinctive skills, capabilities and talents, through communication, cooperation, collaboration and SMART Objectives – SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE, AGREED, REALISTIC, TIME-BASED, thereby identifying spurious processes, sub-processes, tasks and activities that add to the cost, but not to value or profit.

Session 2 – Building the Value Case

  • The focus of this session is on the commercialisation of creative ideas – Increasing the ability/capability of the organisation to convert them in superior performance and financial returns.


Level 1 - Creates an atmosphere and ‘can-do’ attitude, through improved communication, collaboration and co-operation.

Level 2 - Participants build a mini business case

Level 3 - Plan for solution delivery

Very useful Team Building exercise to: support your business improvement and innovation strategy and the commercialisation of creative Ideas (can be adapted to deliver your specific  business requirements).

Level 1 – Team Building

  • Process Improvement
  • Communicating
  • Customer focus
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Challenging Performance
  • Commercial awareness
  • Goal setting
  • Creating a learning environment

Level 2 – Building the Value Case

  • Components
  • Enablers
  • Changes
  • Benefits
  • Objectives
  • Imperatives
  • Benefit Plan
  • ‘As is ‘state, ‘To-be ‘state - Delta
  • Benefit Structure
Session 3: (Optional)
  • Change Management builds a solid foundation by providing: clear, consistent communication plans and an effective mechanism for measuring and tracking commitment and performance.





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