Here are a few tools and techniques you may like to consider to improve performance in your team, department, organisation or project to help make the appropriate management decisions and interventions.

Performance Management - Action Planning  

Performance Management increase employee’s awareness of their contribution to the company's goals. By linking the employee’s objective with the company objectives it ensures people have an increased understanding of how their role fits into the bigger picture and what is expected of them which increases motivation.

The Performance Plan provides is a instrument for setting out the company and individual  goals and objectives, identifying developing needs, providing a feedback mechanism  that the individual and Line Manager reviews together to discuss how well the objectives in the plan has been achieved.


  • Where are you now?  
  • Where do you want to be?  
  • How will you get there?

Top Tips

  • Agree approach – statement of scope what needs to be done.
  • Diagnosis – actions required and accountability.
  • Conduct internal analysis requirements  - actions and accountabilities.
  • Conduct external analysis requirements – actions and accountabilities.

Care: Operational Alignment 

  • Operations are usually the last place to be considered in terms of capacity and planning. This is where the push back will  be and where you are most likely to meet resistance. 
  • Your Employee Opinion Survey results and Customer Satisfaction KPI's are a good place to visit in the first instance and you will probably see a fall in results. 

Having fully engaged people to deliver the plan is a distinguishing factor in your planning stage, however, employees are regrettably not often consulted at the organisation level until much later down the road so ensure your strategic business units are all aligned as shown above.





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