How They Pulled Off The 'Pandemic' - An Animated Film Explanation

Source Data - Strategy & Plan Overview

This has been planned for years and scary. Unless you have had the all clear you won't be able to have access to anything. They call it a disease - how convenient - along comes a pandemic - to ensure we all have the vaccine. But it doesn't stop there - we will lose our free will and will become slaves to the whim of our rulers - slaves in other words as we are fused with the technology. Look at the strategy and plan and find out my details. The Mind and body connection
Stress can manifest without our complete awareness creating; fears, phobias,
anxiety and worry that affects our physical and emotional wellbeing, energy
balance and, general health. Continual mental and physical discomfort is the
body’s way of telling you that an area or emotional issue needs attention.
Financial pressures, family and relationship breakdowns, divorce, bereavement, job
loss and so on, can have a profound impact and may lead to self-treatment and
self-abuse through - drinking, smoking, diet, drugs, and so forth, as we selfmedicate and take comfort from the stress-related problem(s) we face.
A certain amount of stress is healthy, but when faced with too much pressure we
get sick, and this is when aches and pains start to occur - the body’s way of telling
us we have an issue needing our attention.
What the mind represses the body expresses, and left un-checked, may result in
causing a partial shutdown, physical illness, or dis-ease.
New Research identified:
o 40 million days were lost to work-related injuries and ill health following a huge
increase, with over 265,000 new cases in the last year alone.
o 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer work related stress.
o 13.4 million days were attributed to stress, anxiety or depression.
o 1 in 3 three “sick notes” handed out by GPs are for mental health problems.
o 1 in 5 people signed off for mental health problems were off for at least three
o Around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems
each year.
Sadly, 72% of people in the UK who committed suicide between 2002 and 2012
had not told their GP how they were feeling.
The mind and body connection and the appliance of science
Your thoughts trigger emotions that alter the chemical messages in every cell of
your body. Fear creates negative thoughts that triggers the release of cortisone
(fight or flight response). If you focus regularly on what you fear, your body
becomes encoded with the vibration of your mind and will eventually prompt
feelings of sadness and depression. If your thoughts are positive, the mind-body
body triggers the release of a chemical called serotonin that gives us the feeling of
happiness and well-being.
You have to fix the head first, before you can fix the body!
Repeated thoughts become actions and habits and change only occurs when
thought patterns and behaviours change by altering thought patterns that no
longer work for you.
Without self-awareness and understanding, there can be no solution to our
problems or making life a little less stressful and more enjoyable. There are many 
Transforming Health and Wellness and Restoring Balance and Harmony
Author: Denise Gerrard, Final Version 0.1. Dated: 26th September 2017
ways to help calm the mind apart from taking a pill approach or self-medicating to
heal your mind, body and spirit.
Uncovering and exploring new avenues
The human form is composed of subtle energies that circulate throughout the body
and are affected by cognitive, hormonal, neurochemical, and environmental factors.
Negative thoughts can severely deplete our energy and create energy disturbances
resulting in the body’s defences become weakened.
Today, it is possible to detect, see and measure the strength and weakness of the
body’s electrical energy field and highlight where it is out of balance, usually
caused by energy blocks or disturbances.
Learn how to master your mind rather than being at the mercy of events - A new
approach to identifying and restoring balance and harmony
You will learn how to overcome personal issues and gain an understanding of
related fields such as Mind and Body connection. See and experience for yourself
how powerful you really are utilising your own resources within to make the change
you want to see and be. Don’t forget you beat off over one-hundred thousand other
sperm to be here, so you’re stronger than you think!
These, free talks, one day workshops, classes and retreats, will provide you with
some basic hands on experience and techniques that may be interested in learning
to help you get in tune with yourself, no matter what stage you are in life.
You will uncover information about yourself that will not only amaze you it may
transform the way you ‘think’ and ‘feel’ about yourself forever.
The only pre-requisite is ones readiness to explore and experience the astonishing
power of the mind and body connection, ancient wisdom and teachings, together
with the appliance of science.
Who is this suitable for?
This route is open to everyone looking for an alternative way to restore peace and
harmony in their life. The only pre-requisite, is ones readiness to explore and
experience the astonishing power of the mind and body connection, uncover
ancient wisdom and teachings and the appliance of science.
Who am I and what do I know?
My name is Denise Gerrard, and I’m a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Practioner (NLP), and Energy Therapist. I’ve spent the last ten years studying,
researching, attending and practicing various teachings and learnings, and what I
discovered along the way, is the amazing power the mind has over the body. My
mission is help others understand and experience the astonishing power of the
mind and tap into the new and revolutionary technology to see and measure for
them-selves, how they can relieve stress and anxiety.
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One World Government - The End Goal

This is the real reason what is happening. Everything you do and say will be recorded. Your location. Where you travel. Your Health data. Your energy consumption. How fertile you are. How much data you are allowed to use. You will not have any freedom unless your barcode negative test is ok.  

Joining up the dots...

Scientists and medical experts expose how the COVID-19 pandemic was planned. Meanwhile new technology is being rolled out all over the world whilst we have been essentially held under house arrest unable to gather or voice our lack of consent and has only been officially tested using dummy heads full of glucose syrup to measure the heating effect from microwave radiation. 

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