What's Makes A Charismatic Leader?

  • Are authentic and true to themselves  
  • Seek power of influence rather than the influence of power
  • Have a flexible leadership style and can switch between being - Being a ‘CAT’  (credible, authoritative and  inspiring). Being a ‘DOG’  (friendly, approachable and supportive) 

Discover why you can't lead Cats and why Dogs may not trust you with their bone


The extracts and picture shown above are derived from Michael Grinder's practitioner course in Group Dynamics and advanced Non-verbal Intelligence (MeTwoU DG Licence No.2002111 FOR N).

Michael Grinder's, pioneering work in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting and is the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive, label and predict  - the world's foremost leading expert in non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, presentations and relationships. 

Cats & Dogs Workshop

When to be credible and when to be approachable to ensure maximum influence

The Essential Basics 

Employees who trust the information shared by their managers are more willing to be led by them through periods of change.If what we say is not in sync with our body language then we are probably sending out mixed messages that lack credibility, cause confusion and mistrust.

According to Michael Grinder's research 70% of us in the western world are DOGs and 30% are CATS. 

Statistically, more women are likely to be DOGS. 

Statistically CATS tend to make it to the top, but they will not gain the loyalty of their doggy employees unless they know how to be approachable as well as credible. 

The key to a more impactful performance is knowing how and when to use these qualities and we all have access to both sets. 


Workshop Process:

  1. Company identifies the problem or development opportunity to work on (this can be of your choosing, i.e. coaching, mentoring, workshops, group sessions, talks etc.)
  2. Me Two U and client discuss objectives and agree terms of engagement
  3. Run the event (on or off site)
  4. Produce output and de-brief client

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