Medic debate the antidote to propaganda 

Free speech matters. FREEDOM MATTERS. Everyone matters

We ALL have the right to say what we believe in no matter who or where we are without the risk of being labelled. Those that have nothing are not afraid to speak their 'Truth.' Sadly, in today's new world, those that speak the truth are now being persecuted, ridiculed or dismissed. You don't need a scientific mind to see what is happening around you  - you need a 'free' one. 

Help spread the word before it's to late - If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

These are crimes against humanity. What is taking place right now is probably the most important time in our history - nothing else comes close

COVID-1984 | A Dystopian Future We Must Act Now To Prevent

If the People, not Trump or any other politician, don’t take decisive action to end COVID-1984 before it’s too late, this is what our surviving descendants would say about us in just one generation from now, when assessing the dystopian future we bequeathed to them.

The last year of freedom for the human race was 2020, which shall forever be known as COVID-1984, to those of us who know the truth of what transpired during the domestic imprisonment of the entire population by the last democratically elected UK government.

First they took away the rights you were born with to protect you from the Common Cold, which they fooled you into accepting by calling it a deadly virus and whipping up panic, fear and hysteria in the state controlled media.

Then they decreed that you were all under house arrest and confined to your own homes till further government dictate, except for essential shopping and an hour of daily exercise. They even stopped you practicing religion, seeing your friends and tending to dying loved ones.

But because the government said they would pay for everything, you did nothing except what you were told [including grassing on your neighbours for having the courage to call out their lies for what they were].


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 Worldwide uniting for Freedom. People worldwide have had enough.

Don't give up, there is amazing hope for the future

Legal Ways to Defend Your Freedom

United we stand, or together we fall. 

Being Pro-active for positive change

Be Informed is a pan global information matrix of humanitarians focused on being a positive force for good in the world, helping to support, awaken and empower our global family with resources to become pro-active in creating positive change in the world.  Be proactive for positive change utilising legal methods to call for transparency and independent investigation into the validity of facts that is an independent, non government, non religious affiliated body of people who have come together to empower you with information.