Magna Carta 2020 – Declaration of Rights


Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties, that the following declaration is made by and for the Sovereign People of Britain [the People], in the absence of a legitimate Parliamentary democracy or lawful governance, following the constitutionally repugnant subjugation of the People to the dictates of unaccountable government and a demonstrably fraudulent and genocidal agenda.

Wherefore, given that since the enactment of the European Communities Act 1972, the UK Parliament has committed the following Common Law wrongdoings against the People:

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'Operation Moon shot' is the name of the UK government's newly proposed mass testing scheme (now law)

Leaked document could do more harm than good and scientifically 'unsound' quote. The plan revealed by the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The BMJ is a peer-reviewed medical journal and is one of the world's oldest general medical journals. Independent and Unbiased. The leaked plan reveals  mass testing by early 2021 and features a DIGITAL PASSPORT! 

Data Source:  Operation Moonshot proposals are scientifically unsound - The British Medical Journal ref  BMJ 2020;370:m3699.  

Human rights

The full government document about planned changes to medical law to impose ‘Covid’ vaccine. Read it yourself.  Think you have freedom of choice about taking the vaccine - think again - the law has already changed.  


Pity the nation 

Pity the nation whose people are sheep, and whose shepherds mislead them. Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced, and whose bigots haunt the airwaves. Pity the nation that raises not its voice, except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero and aims to rule the world with force and torture. Pity the nation that knows no other language but its own and no other culture but its own. Pity the nation whose breath is money and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed. Pity the nation - oh pity the people who allow their rights to erode and their freedoms to be washed away. My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty. 

Lawrence Ferlinghetti


The Battle between good and Evil

'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.' Edmund Burke 

This is to all  those people who work together in the common cause for the total enslavement of humanity that know what is really happening but choose to look the other way and do nothing, albeit they know the 'truth.' 

Pillars of Society: 

Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Bankers, Military, Police, Media Owners, Journalists, Radio, Television Hosts, Actors, Entertainers, Doctors, Teachers, College Academics, Social Workers and the like, who are working together in the common cause for the total enslavement of humanity

We will remember you


Charles Walker MP admits debate was never allowed in Parliment with regard to the trashing of our constituents civil liberties. He goes on to say - "I blame  the people - who under cover of this Covid pandemic - have extended the definition of crime as to make the law almost unrecognisable from just 12 months ago." 

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